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About Bahir Dar Textile Share Company

Bahir Dar Textile Share Company founded in 1961 by the Italian government grant to Ethiopia as war compensation. Its headquarter is in Bahir Dar (a tourist destination convenient town in northern part of the country), with branch at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The company crossed many milestones in textile sector which utilized organic cotton a lonely row material. Currently the company expanded its project with more than 26,327,336 euro (600 million birr) which has most technologically advanced machines and integrated cotton mill consisting of spinning, weaving, dyeing/finishing and garment sections. Spinning has the capacity of producing 15 tons of yarn per day. Weaving department has the capacity of producing 50 thousand meter fabric and the processing and finishing section can produce 82 thousand m2 of fabric per day. The garment department can also produces 10 thousand pairs of bed sheet per day. The advanced designing machine is among the latest machines that the company owned and it enhances to meet the customers desired design. After project expansion (since 2013) the company gives priority for international market and exports its products for western countries. It manufactures yarn produced in open end and ring line, quilt cover, pillow case, flat sheet, gray fabric, died/printed sheets and other home textile products. The company has got recognition from international standard organization in quality OEKO TEX STANDARD 100, quality management system and environmental management system. The company accustomed with environmentally friendly manufacturing process, high efficiency management practice and recycling of west water treatment which treat 1000 meter cubic water per day. Our company competitiveness and reputation are growing by offering high quality and cost competitive products. The company has extensive background in customer service. Please contact us (we are available in any communication means) whatever your need may be, we can do it for you.


•Make the company beneficiary by using efficient labor force, local inputs and resources, lower manufacturing cost and to produce quality textile products. •Delight our customers by producing tailor-made textile products supported by marvelous service. • Contribute its part for the betterment of the national economy.


To make our factory competent in the international market by producing fabric and yarn from 100% cotton fiber with customer needs and requirements by the end of 2025